Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Buntport Theater

Buntport Theater is one of the most creative artistic forces in Denver in my opinion. Everything they perform is written by, directed by, and starring the theater group which consists of 5 actors and 1 technical designer. Not only are they wonderful people but I really admire the way that everything they do is a democracy. There is no leader or starring actor, they all share in the spotlight.

About a month ago I was asked by them to create a few of the costumes for their new play My Hideous Progeny, a play about Mary Shelley. Normally they piece together costumes but because this is a period play they needed a very specific look they could not find or borrow. I know Buntport from participating in a few of their Third Tuesday events and because I live with one of the actors from their popular superhero series Trunks that goes on Saturdays.

Come check out their play and be sure to take a look at the men's pants and the pregnancy dress because they were sewn by and co-designed by me!

For information on the play visit: