Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Martha Stewart Weddings

I just learned that a few months back my Etsy shop was featured as a favorite shop on the Martha Stewart Wedding website. I wish I had known before now, but I'm so thrilled to have been featured either way. My Etsy shop is currently empty because I removed my last collection, but I will soon be adding my Signature Collection, some vintage finds, and also some great clearance items.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

October Photo Shoot

About a month ago I got the opportunity to shoot with local model Fallon who is currently going to school in California. She was back in town for a few days so we put together a shoot with photographer Matthew Novak.

I wanted to use simple, dark clothing and a black cap so that her beautiful face could shine through. It was a theme I had wanted to do for a while and I would actually like to do a twin shoot with a girl with darker skin against the opposite side of the wall that features women instead of men. I am absolutely in love with this location and I am so grateful Matt showed it to me! Here are my favorite images from the shoot.

Birds Nest Accessories

For any of you who do not know, my mother and I started a sister company to Incroyables by Melissa May back in March called Birds Nest Accessories. Birds Nest is a company specializing in hair accessories, specifically feather headbands. We also carry hair bows in five sizes and several colors. The company started as a way to make a little money for my mother when she was unemployed, but has now expanded to something a lot bigger.

The feather headbands are currently available at The Fabric Lab until the closing date in December, Mona Lucero's, Fancy Tiger, Rebelle Salon, and Buffalo Exchange in Denver. They are also available at Pieces range in price from about $8-$22 so they are very affordable and make fantastic gifts. Here is a small sampling of what we are currently offering.


This Halloween, I wanted to make sure to go out and do something fun so that I could create a costume that has been more than one year in the planning. I didn't want to start actually creating the costume until I knew I would be doing something though, so the costume could use a little more finessing, which I plan to do next year if I choose to wear it again. I got the idea from a co-worker last year to go as the woman from the birds, with the birds attacking my head. I was really excited by the idea, but it took some figuring out. First, there was the suit- it had to be green, which is not always an easy color to find. Second, there was the matter of how to get the birds to float above the head. I commissioned my dad to create me some kind of mobile-like device that I could attach the birds onto. I think next year I need twice as many birds and some more special touches, such as a bird with a piece of hair in its beak (I tried to do that this year but the birds were plastic inside so I couldn't just stick pins into them).

I went to The Sounds concert and had a blast, but I suspect the people standing around me hated me! Haha, that's their fault for standing near the girl who obviously has unstable parts to her costume. The best part of the costume was that the birds really did peck my head as I walked!