Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Collections

2010 is going to bring many collections from Incroyables by Melissa May. First, there is my 2010 Signature Collection which was released in August and will be shot for a lookbook in the next month or so. I have also already completed a small holiday collection which will also be shot soon, but will not be released until closer to Fall.

I have four collections in the planning stage- a Spring collection, a Pre-Spring collection, a Fall Collection, and a Pre-Fall Collection. In the fashion world Pre-Fall collections are being released now and Fall collections in February, but I will not be releasing mine until closer to the actual season due to the fact that my business is mainly custom orders at this point. I do plan to work more towards wholesale orders in the next year though. It has been a long time plan of mine, but I was waiting until my quality was up to my standards and until I had better fabric connections. I wish to maintain a sense of limited quantity with my pieces though, so wholesale will be limited.

In future years I plan to only release 2-4 collections per year, but at this time I wish to build up my website and also my portfolio, so I decided to let me inspirations run wild!

So keep your eyes open for what is coming up in 2010. Expect funky pattern/color mixtures, punk romance, wools, and Victorian inspirations.

Here is a sneak peek at the rebuilding of my portfolio. Gown from 2010 Signature Collection.

Photo: Gabrielle Pellegrino Photography. Model: Jessica Gates. Makeup: Emily J. Holcomb.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Youtube Video

Many many months back I was the featured designer in Denver's FM Magazine. I have recently been sent this link to the Youtube video that was made of the fashion show at the magazine release party. I would not say that these designs sum up my design style by any means, but I had fun with it. Because of the audience I decided to give the show a "Dirty Rock 'n' Roll" theme with plenty of layering and crazy accessories.

Check out the video on the side of the page called Julianne Brasher Photography too. This video was shot during a collaboration photo shoot between Julianne Brasher and myself.

Ashton Hansen Photo Shoot 2

A few weeks after the first photo shoot with Ashton, he contacted me about providing a couple pieces for a photo shoot he was doing with a new model he had met. I provided a leather-looking jacket with big bishop sleeves and a high-waisted pencil skirt with a decorative zipper, along with a cream dress with top ruffle that is worn on top of a black lace puff sleeved top. Here are some images from the shoot. Yet again, they all have the photographer's signature at top.

Ashton Hansen Photo Shoot 1

A little while back I teamed up with Ashton Hansen to do a photo shoot at the Holiday Chalet Bed and Breakfast. I decided the underlying theme is "ladies who lunch" because I wanted the feel to be classic sophistication. This shoot uses a couple simple, yet sophisticated pieces from my 2010 Signature Collection.

Here are my favorite pictures from the shoot. Forgive the photographer's signature up top, these are his copies.

Models: Hannah and Jules Makeup: Femme Artistry Hair: Andrea Lake