Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birds Nest Accessories

For any of you who do not know, my mother and I started a sister company to Incroyables by Melissa May back in March called Birds Nest Accessories. Birds Nest is a company specializing in hair accessories, specifically feather headbands. We also carry hair bows in five sizes and several colors. The company started as a way to make a little money for my mother when she was unemployed, but has now expanded to something a lot bigger.

The feather headbands are currently available at The Fabric Lab until the closing date in December, Mona Lucero's, Fancy Tiger, Rebelle Salon, and Buffalo Exchange in Denver. They are also available at www.birdsnestaccessories.etsy.com. Pieces range in price from about $8-$22 so they are very affordable and make fantastic gifts. Here is a small sampling of what we are currently offering.

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