Monday, January 5, 2009

New year's a new year. When I'm not freaking out about what I didn't accomplish last year, I'm planning fantastically optimistic things for this coming year. 2008 was a great year for Incroyables by Melissa May, but I think 2009 can be even better!

With the new year comes new fantastic clothing for us to wear. If only the economy could be as fun as what fashion is bringing us for spring. Versace brought us a fantastic line of partywear covered in zippers (perhaps Donatella has been ripping Incroyables by Melissa May off a bit), Prada is selling wrinkled half outfits for thousands of dollars, and John Galliano was...well...himself. Spring is also bringing you Incroyables by Melissa May's first full collection which is available to order now!

Drawing inspiration from 1960s beach movies and injecting modern silhouettes and attitudes, Incroyables by Melissa May's Spring 2009 collection is super fun and very wearable. It's also only available in limited batches- so better check it out at before your favorite style is all gone!


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