Monday, June 15, 2009

Beads, 303, and Westword

Friday night's Bead for Life show went wonderfully. The models were so professional and looked absolutely beautiful. The hair stylists at Tuana wove strings of beads through their hair for an African-inspired look. Getting to look at and touch the beads was interesting because they feel just like regular beads even though they are made from paper. I don't have any more fashion shows coming up in the next few weeks, which leaves me time to prepare for some July events.

First, 303 Magazine decided that they would like the featured designers from the July edition to put on a fashion show for the release party. I'm very excited for this, but also scared because they want 15 pieces from each designer and I only have 3.5 outfits done. I'll get it done somehow though.

The evening of July 4th is the Block Party down at Colfax and St. Paul. My mother and I will join many other local crafters/designers to showcase and sell our creations in the Rock Bar parking lot. Come get the first dibs at our new feather headband line and at my clearance dresses!

Another event is with the Denver Art Museum's Untitled event for July. The plan is to have local designers come and compete with each other to create the best outfit under 10 minutes with only the items given to us. There will be plenty of designer trash talking, so it will be super fun.

I have some more events coming up, including the release of my 2009 Signature Collection in August, but I will write about those when I have more details.

One last thing- I went to the Westword Music Showcase Saturday and was thrilled at how great it was. I saw some of my favorite local bands and got to see a few that may be some of my new favorites. My favorite set of the day was Bela Karoli! Here is a playlist of songs that inspired me to design throughout May:

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