Wednesday, July 1, 2009

D.I.Y. Fair

Anyone who has even stepped near the Colorado Blvd/Colfax area has probably heard about this event by now since we are practically shoving fliers in everyone's hands, but for any of you who have not been told about this yet- Colfax is having a Block Party the evening of July 4th. Events begin around 6, but some vendors will be setting up around noon.

Featuring a fun DIY fair in the parking lot of Rock Bar- as well as a fashion show, music, crafts, and lots of free drinks and activities, this event is going to be huge! Along with being a really fun event, I plan on marking down some of my clothing to insanely low prices ($20-$30 for most things!) so you can get a super cute summer dress for cheap. Birds Nest Accessories, my feather headband company that I run with my mother,will also be there selling brand new designs that are adorable as well as affordable. For more information go to

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