Friday, December 31, 2010


To celebrate the new year I am making changes to my blog, including making it more fun to read. I will still, of course, use it to advertise future events or new collections, but will be adding new elements as well. Each week, on to-be-determined days I will do an entry on something different. For example:

Monday- Spotlight on one piece from my current collection
Tuesday- Spotlight on one fashion blogger
Wednesday- Focus on one person I would like to dress and what I would put them in
Thursday- Review of one upcoming collection (right now it would be for Spring 2011)
Friday- Discussing a current trend

It would pretty much always be on the same day so that if someone likes one feature they know to always check on that day. I'm hoping this will keep not only the reader more involved, but me as well. I enjoy writing, but have a hard time fitting it into my day. If I have promised something new that day, then it forces me to make time for writing.

Other things I would discuss are my future plans and inspiration pictures for possible future collections. This schedule will begin this Monday, January 3rd and will hopefully become a permanent thing.

Until then, check out my new music blog at I love music and wanted to write about relatively unknown artists, their best songs, and how they relate to the fashion industry. Enjoy!


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