Thursday, March 19, 2009


When I was in high school I desperately wanted a prom dress that did not look like the ones all the other girls were going to wear. You know the ones- the princess style electric colored ones with rhinestones and spaghetti straps that were probably purchased somewhere as wonderfully exciting as Dillards or JC Penney.

I wanted to stay true to my style, however strange that was then. I wanted to look like myself, only fancier. I searched and searched the malls and even online for a dress that was perfectly me and NEVER FOUND ONE! It was so sad. I ended up buying a $24 vintage gown and paired it with black elbow length gloves and a sassy short hair cut. I looked great and had an okay time, but I still wonder to this day what that perfect gown would have looked like.

When I was preparing my senior thesis this thought stayed in my mind and I decided to create a punk rock prom wear collection for all the girls like me who could never find that perfect dress. It had ruffles and bows and hidden cellphone pockets- but it also had rows of studs, suspender inspired straps, and painted on skulls. It was so close to being red carpet, yet I doubt anyone would be allowed to wear them to any Hollywood event. I loved them so much that I desperately want some girl to wear them so they can be enjoyed.

So in order to make this happen, I am now selling this collection of prom wear, as well as some other prom-worthy dresses (long and short) at The Fabric Lab at 3105 E. Colfax Ave. Denver for prices far below their value. I think every girl should look like a million bucks at her prom and it's even better if you know you're the only one there in that dress!

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