Friday, February 12, 2010

Must Say Something

I recognize that it is probably not considered "normal" to break into tears all day because of the death of someone you have never met. This person has no idea who you are, does not know you exist. But here is the story of why I am so heartbroken at the death of Alexander McQueen.

I began designing when I was 11 years old. My cousin and my best friend began drawing with me when there was nothing else to do. We drew pictures of strange, big headed stick figure girls wearing belly shirts and mini skirts. It began as something fun to do, but over time I realized that not only did I really enjoy designing clothing, but that, hey, I was pretty good at it too. At the age of 11 design was just something fun to do, it was not until 13-14 that it became an actual dream.

I remember exactly how I came to love design, really truly LOVE design. When I began to see it as something I wanted to spend my whole life doing. It was when I first saw Alexander McQueen's Spring 2001 fashion show. It was the collection where models walked around in an mental hospital-looking space covered in bugs and birds and jigsaw pieces. There was something so beautiful and theatrical about this show that I couldn't think of doing anything else. I wanted to create my own collections and produce my own shows with beautiful models and great music and fantastic sets.

And nothing has changed since then.

Every season Alexander McQueen's shows are one of the first shows I HAVE to see. One of the only ones I am truly interested in. I look at the pictures and then watch the video and then take a break and then look at older pictures and then watch older videos and then- hey, why not watch the new video again. His collections are the only ones I could ever imagine paying for the DVD because I KNOW I would watch it again and again. Who in fashion could ever forget that moment where a hologram of Kate Moss in a swirling white dress ended his fashion show? Or that show paying homage to Isabella Blow with the beautiful headpieces (of course) and all the feathers? I know I never will.

Thank you Alexander McQueen for forever changing my life. I'm not sure if I would have continued designing had it not been for you and your gorgeous shows. I thank you for showing me my true love and I know that fashion week will never feel the same without you.


Here are links to the show that changed my life, plus two of my favorite fashion shows ever.

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