Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paper Fashion Show Reminder

Just a reminder that this Thursday, the 18th is ADCD's Paper Fashion Show at the Mile High Station. There are about 50 designs that will walk the runway, all made at least 90% from paper, so it is definitely worth a look.

I spent an entire day just constructing the dress for my design. I had a very difficult time draping paper into a semi form-fitting outfit since paper has no give whatsoever. It took me about three hours to create the puff skirt, which is not as puffy as I wanted it to be, but I think the rosettes will make it bigger. It then took me a few hours to contruct the bodice, which is basically a strapless bodice with darts (and I managed to not get torpedo boobs with the darts!) I then had to glue and sew the bodice pieces together, and then sew that to the skirt, which was extremely difficult since the paper was on a curve and had no give. The next step was to sew a metal zipper in the back for easy access. I was very adament that I did not want to glue my model into my dress, so I think a zipper was a good choice since I know it will hold up.

My last step is to finish constructing my roses and glue them all onto my skirt. I expect this to take the next few days since the skirt is a normal sized skirt and it will take several hundred roses. Once the dress is all finished I have the headpiece to construct and then it is show time! Hope to see you there!

I will post pictures once the dress is completely finished.

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