Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fashion Blogger Spotlight

I love fashion blogs. If I wasn't so darn busy all the time I could spend all day going between and all the different fashion blogs out there. One of my absolute favorites is Style Bubble on typepad. This blogger has become so popular that I recently saw her in a Gap ad, not to mention the countless magazines that have featured her. So why is she so great?

For one, I love that she does a feature nearly every day about what she is wearing. She has a very quirky sense of style and it is great to see someone who pairs such bizarre things together and makes them work wonderfully! True, I don't love every single outfit she puts together, but I love that she was willing to go that far. I also love that she has so many pictures in her blog. I am a lazy blog reader, I want more pictures than words. Just show me in pictures what you are trying to say and I'm happy. Also, as an American, I love that she is British, and therefore is giving me the inside scoop on designers and trends that I probably never would have discovered otherwise.

I'm super jealous of all the Etsy shops that she features because I'm sure their sales go sky high once she mentions them and shows examples of how she personally wears them. I always wonder what her neighbors think since she takes all of her pictures outside on her balcony. There are so many things she wears that I would definitely wear if I was as thin as she is. Not only does she take pictures of herself, but she also does runway reviews, discusses new designers she finds, features brand new stores in London, and does close up shots of things she loves. I love that she shows things close up because it gives you a completely new perspective on how it looks.

If you have had your head under a rock and haven't checked out Susie, be sure to do so at her site:

Here are some recent pictures of Susie in her day to day looks:

I love her fun mix of patterns in the middle picture.

I love her quirky take on the little black dress.

I find that camel coat strangely alluring.

The black and white look is my favorite and is close to something I would wear.


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