Monday, January 10, 2011

Focus on Fall 2010 Trend- Knee High Socks

If you asked me a few years ago what I thought about knee high socks my thoughts would automatically focus on schoolgirl and cheerleading costumes. Lately though, fashion trends are taking knee high and thigh high socks out of the costume-y range and into an accessory worthy of the streets. The great thing about knee socks are that they can be styled for any season depending on what you pair them with. I have seen them pulled up to the thigh, scrunched around the ankle, or even layered.

In fashion editorials, thigh highs are often styled in a way that suggests lingerie as outerwear, but this is a hard to pull off look in real life. I would stick to the look of layering, with a great mixture of casual daytime pieces. Another way to keep this look from becoming too costume-y is to wear dark colored socks, rather than white. White suggests the school girl look too strongly, but grey or brown socks look great for everyday wear.

Some designers added their own touch to this trend, including Alexander Wang's football inspired collection that featured backless knee socks. Other designers layered socks, paired them with ankle boots, or styled the socks with more evening-like pieces.

Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 Collection

Gaspard Yurkievich's Spring 2010 Collection

Cynthia Steffe's Fall 2010 Collection

Besides the runway, this look has been featured in many fashion editorials.

Vogue Portugal

Vogue China

Assorted Magazines

There are so many fun ways to wear this trend. Here are some suggestions:

With ankle or knee high boots

With Short Shorts

With a Short Skirt

For Colder Weather

For Warmer Weather

With a Dress

Casual Daywear

Dressed Up For Evening

Layered Socks

Worn with Tights


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