Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meghan Savage 2

These images are from a photo shoot in which I lent clothing but could not actually be there for the shoot. I am now much more involved with the photo shoots I do, but for a while I was mostly just lending out clothing and seeing what came out of the shoot. The risk in doing that is that you may not like the images or how the clothing was styled. It's a risk you take, but this shoot was with the photographer Meghan Savage who is insanely talented and a great model/friend Taryn that I would trust with any of my clothing at any time. So, it was really not a risky shoot in my mind. These are some of the photos that Meghan chose to use for her website.

Black vinyl jacket with puff sleeves and ruffled collar by me, skirt by Taryn

This is one of my favorite pieces I've made to date. The dress is covered in handmade silver rosettes that were then handsewn to the dress.

I personally love the softness of the pictures. Even though the pieces are not "pretty" there is a certain romantic feel to them because of the styling and the background. The silver dress is definitely going in my portfolio!

Unfortunately, these will probably be the last pictures I will be able to post with Taryn because she has gone to New York and Greece to work with some modeling agencies. I wish her the best of luck and I know that she is going to do some fantastic work!

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