Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fashion Blogs

It is no secret that I absolutely adore fashion blogs. I love local ones, ones about street style, personal fashion diaries, high fashion recaps, lookbooks, foreign language ones, all of them. Well, maybe not ALL of them, but lets just say a lot of them. I thought I would share a list of all the blogs I read for anyone interested in fashion blogs as well. If you have any amazing ones that I missed let me know so I can check it out!

-The Intersection http://www.the-intersection.blogspot.com/
-Style Bubble http://stylebubble.typepad.com/
-Style Rookie http://www.thestylerookie.com/
-Fashion Folio http://fashionfolio.wordpress.com/
-Bobbin Talk http://www.bobbintalk.com/
-Highsnobette http://www.highsnobette.com/
-Buffalo Exchange Colorado http://buffaloexchangecolorado.blogspot.com/
-Jak and Jil http://jakandjil.com/blog/
-Hanneli Mustaparta http://www.hanneli.com/
-New Dress A Day http://newdressaday.wordpress.com/
-Fashionista http://fashionista.com/
-Regretsy http://www.regretsy.com/
-Streetpeeper http://www.streetpeeper.com/
-The Sartorialist http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/
-Fashiontoast http://www.fashiontoast.com/
-Lookbook http://lookbook.nu/
-Chictopia http://www.chictopia.com/
-Garance Dore http://www.garancedore.fr/en/
-Models off Duty http://altamiranyc.blogspot.com/
-Facehunter http://facehunter.blogspot.com/
-Teen Vogue http://www.teenvogue.com/connect/blogs/snapshot
-Cocorosa http://mypreciousconfessions.blogspot.com/
-Stil in Berlin http://stilinberlin.blogspot.com/
-Copenhagen Street Style http://copenhagenstreetstyle.dk/
-Mattresses and Metal http://www.mattressesandmetal.blogspot.com/
-Easy Fashion http://easyfashion.blogspot.com/
-Stylesightings http://www.stylesightings.com/
-Styleclicker http://www.styleclicker.net/

Here's some pictures from some of my favorite fashion blogs:

Style Bubble

Style Rookie

Jak and Jil

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