Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tricia Hoke Fashion Show

One of my absolute favorite local designers is Tricia Hoke. I can honestly say that that was not always the case because until her last collection I just didn't get her, but she won me over big time a little more than a year ago. Her collection of a few dresses and pantsuits that morphed into several different pieces had me absolutely floored. I loved one piece so much that I bought it right away. I still wear it constantly. I can't even imagine designing pieces that turn into several more pieces so her design aesthetic has me fascinated.

Tonight was the release of her new collection Cher Ami, which was inspired by pigeons and sweatpants. When you hear her background story about her inspiration it really makes you want to love the collection. As usual, most pieces transformed, which is always so fun to watch. It's a little difficult to wear many of her transformations if you are not model skinny, but each piece usually has at least one way to wear it that does not require you to be a size 2. Please visit her website at

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