Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Funds Vs. Ambition

Sometimes the funds don't match the ambition. It's a sad but true story for many and is a constant struggle for me. You won't find anyone more dedicated than me, but you can not always tell this because I can't afford to do as much as I would like. I'd love to create 2-5 collections a year made of the exact fabric I have in mind (beautiful silks, satins, wools, high quality cottons, etc.), I'd love to be able to create my own textiles, I'd love to be able to be a real, serious designer who does trade shows and wholesale orders. But right now I do realize that I may not seem like a "serious" designer to many because I make NO money and therefore have a difficult time funding my various projects. What many do not realize is that whenever I do a collection or a show, it is 100% self funded, usually money saved from my day job. To save that money I rarely go out, almost never eat out, and rarely purchase new clothing for myself. I was raised in a poor family so I am used to having no money, but when you are trying to do projects, it gets rather difficult.

An unfortunate thing about any business, specifically fashion is that the successful people usually come from a rich background, so they have the funds to go bigger, faster. This was not true, "back in the day" when it seemed to be mostly about talent and dedication, but in today's market, there are SOOOOOOOOOO many people trying to get into the fashion world that it has become much more difficult to move forward without already having a name or a lot of money. Hence, the celebrity designer. Even locally, I have found that usually the more "successful" designers are not necessarily more talented, but have more money to play around with.

So of course, the question is "Why not just take out a loan?" I absolutely plan on doing this, but not until I think I can get enough business to be able to start paying it back. If I was to take out a loan in this economy and current state of mind about fashion, I would just get behind in payments and really screw things up for myself. So right now I am just working on getting my name out, building up a better portfolio, and hopefully getting custom orders. I also want to get some small wholesale orders. I hate starting small because i have such big dreams, but I'm trying to be realistic rather than living in an optomistic delusion.

So what is the reason for this blog? I am asking any reader who may be interested in my work to help me raise funds for my next collection by purchasing some clothing or hair accessories from me. I have INSANELY low priced dresses at YesPleaseMore PopUp Boutique and the Mod Livin PopUp Boutique. I also have custom orders available on or through me. More interested in accessories? I also have hair accessories available at, the two pop up boutiques, as well as several stores/salons around town. All purchases will go towards my next collection. Help me share my vision with Denver and get some great pieces while you are at it!

Thank you for reading!

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