Monday, April 19, 2010

CREATE Denver Week Fashion Show

As part of Create Denver Week's events, Mod Livin and Tran Wills planned a fabulous shindig right in the middle of Mod Livin's showroom. I was asked to provide the fashion, but it was no regular fashion show! We went back to a special time when you were allowed to smoke at work, girdles were commonplace, and men used more hair products than the women- 1960. I was asked to explore the world of Mad Men with my collection and decided to go with a theatrical view of the show's everyday office life with some new (or is it old) fashion. I watched the show and took notes religiously, trying to get every little detail right for the show. All of the clothing was inspired by actual clothing from that time period, but I made sure to give it a modern twist with definite pieces of me in it.

The ladies at Rebelle Salon (who are not only super talented, but also have the coolest names ever) did the hair and makeup. They were very patient when I explained that I wanted the girls to look as CLOSE to the show as possible. The show was set up as more of a silent play than a typical fashion show. The girls came onto the set one by one and performed different office duties. By the end of the scene, all the ladies were interacting with each other and it was pure chaos (just like a real office). All the pieces were created specifically for this event, but I am definitely open to doing custom orders for any of these items.

Here are some pictures from the show and a few of the pictures from backstage after the show.

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