Monday, April 19, 2010

What's Next

So now that I have sent in my Project Runway application and finished all my latest fashion events, what next? I have decided to give the local fashion show circuit a bit of a break, unless it is an event I simply can't turn down, or if it is a show that I get to plan. I always love producing my own shows, because the vision ends up being my own, but sometimes I leave local shows feeling like I just got taken advantage of. Unfortunately, in Denver doing a fashion show does not equal boosting sales. I have had more sales online than locally, which is so unfortunate because I love working with the client personally and deciding what would look great on them rather than just mailing a package. With wonderful summer weather coming up, hopefully I get commisioned to make some more custom items. I'm itching to make some magic happen.

Until then, I will be posting new items from my 2010 Signature Collection on in the next two days. I will be offering all designs in multiple colors so that I can customize each piece to fit the client's needs. In the next few days, I will also be designing some new headband designs for my hair accessories line Birds Nest Accessories.

Check out my two Etsy pages:

After updating both of my Etsy pages, I want to work more on my future collections. Money issues has slowed down the original pace, but I'm still very committed to making it happen!

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